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Emergency School Closure

As the winter months are now with us, we need to plan for the worst that the season may throw at us.  Whilst we would always try to avoid it, we may need to close the school in the event of snow or other types of inclement weather.  Should circumstances prevail so that a closure is necessary, parents should have arrangements in place so that their child has somewhere to go to during the day. Invariably, the coach companies will monitor road conditions and may decide, at short notice, that they have to come and collect the children in order to get them back safely to their home villages.

Very rarely, we may have to make a decision to close the school for other reasons, and this may be during the school day.  Should it be necessary to close the school during the school day an emergency contact number written down and kept safe on your child's possession is very useful. 

In the event of a school closure during the day, we will endeavour to organise transport for your child if this is their normal way of getting to and from school.  This may not always be possible.  If you do not want your child to use emergency school transport, and you would like to make alternative arrangements in the event of a closure, please inform Mrs Whitehall in our office in writing so that your child's record can be updated.

Parents Have a Key Role
During an emergency situation, schools must act quickly in the best interests of pupils and staff. Parents can assist greatly by being prepared before an emergency. Here are a few critical things you could do:
  If you have not already done so, sign up to receive text messages and emails via The School Gateway app.  If you require assistance with this please contact Mrs Whitehall in our office who can help you with installing and checking you have the correct settings.

Getting Information
The school only has two telephone lines. If parents are phoning the school to check to see if we are open it inhibits our capability to make urgent phone calls. Therefore we would ask you to make use of the following services:
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