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Whole School Curriculum Intent


At Ryecroft we embrace a culture where every child is visible, valued and respected.

Our curriculum is one that is fully accessible and allows pupils to explore and experience the awe and wonder of the subjects they study through inspirational first wave teaching, educational trips and visits, as well as guest speakers.

Our staff work collaboratively with our feeder schools and destination High Schools to ensure a smooth conversion into Middle School life and a seamless transition to future pathways. All lessons are appropriately sequenced and build on prior learning, equipping pupils with the relevant fundamental subject knowledge and skills to master key concepts. Securing learning in this way enables a greater understanding of the subject matter and ensures that future learning is underpinned by strong foundations.

At key stage 2 we have a blended solution, pupils are taught English, History and Geography by primary trained practitioners who interleave the strands of learning across these curriculum areas, allowing and expecting literacy skills to be transferred and firmly embedded.

At key stage 3, most subjects are taught by specialists with the addition of ‘Options’. The options block offers pupils the opportunity to learn key skills including teamwork, communication, creativity, problem solving and leadership which are not typically covered on the curriculum but focus on preparing pupils for the future and the workplace.

As a Church School, we empower pupils and adults in all that we do to develop trust, resilience and perseverance so that they can face the challenges of the world. We recognise and celebrate pupils who display our Christian values and award gold star badges each half term to acknowledge contributions to the school and community.

We aspire to encourage all pupils, irrespective of background or ability, to flourish and achieve their potential. We strive to enrich their lives, develop interpersonal skills and allow them to make mistakes in a safe environment, through which they will grow and be supported to become well-rounded, happy individuals, ready to experience life in all its fullness.
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We are proud to part of the Uttoxeter Learning Trust