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The Music department at Ryecroft C E. Middle School aims to be an inclusive, nurturing environment where every child, regardless of background or ability is made to feel welcome. By the time pupils leave they should be able to engage in musical activities with confidence and have a rounded knowledge of instruments and musical cultures. They will have taken part in singing activities across all years and through whole school worship.

The curriculum is planned in such a way that the musical skills required are embedded across all years, revisited across different projects across all years. The topic content reflects the needs of the emerging musicians, but has a root in building and developing skills.
The skills for the curriculum are mapped out into 7 different areas: These are mapped against the topics for the years to ensure that they are fulfilled and revisited.

"The curriculum is designed in this way, following research from the Incorporated Society of Musicians: The UK’s professional body for musicians and subject association for music (ism.org).  The values that have shaped this decision stem from the desire to undertake assessment of musical learning, rooted in the reality of musical activity that the young people undertake. Musicality should be the centre of attention.

There should be ongoing opportunities through practical music-making, listening to young people talking and playing, and watching them responding, to be able  to form assessment judgements which are appropriate to the work they have done, and can be used to inform the next stage of their musical journey. Emphasis is planned in and placed on other musical cultures as this reflects the context and need highlighted in the latest Ofsted report "Pupils are not fully prepared for life in modern Britain, as they don't have a well-rounded understanding of the nature of our multicultural society."

The objectives are shared with the pupils explicitly during lessons and also via an information board in the classroom, signposting the learning and what they should know by the end of the key stage. Pupils who do not know what, or why they are learning a certain skill are reminded and pointed towards this information.

British values and PSHCE concerns are threaded throughout the entire curriculum, ensuring that opportunities are expanded upon where they are presented. For example, British values are remarked upon during Year 5 (folk songs), Year 6 (history of rock and pop) and Year 8 (song-writing).

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